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Oaxaca Coffee Harvest (Comissioned) 

Along with Red Fox Coffee Merchants we visited the town of San Lucas Zoquiapam, which is part of the Teotitlán District in the north of the La Cañada Region and San Pedro Yosotatu which is located at 1,900 meters of altitude, in these places one of the best coffees in Oaxaca is harvested. This town is located in the Municipality of the Heroic City of Tlaxiaco and has 360 inhabitants.

I had the opportunity of being there in one of the best experiences of this year during the harvest season in this town embedded in the mountains. There I was able to meet its beautiful people who shared with us their knowledge about the vast world of coffee and how it is that they work throughout the year to be able to live from the sale of their harvest that, like every year, depends on certain adversities during their processes, new challenges, demand and climatic factors among others.


Yosutatu coffee is exported to Australia, Europe and the United States and is appreciated for its quality as one of the best in the world.


The cultivation of coffee passes from generation to generation and is a practice that is carried out as a family. Before it was produced by quantity, now buyers demand higher quality, so this process demands more and more attention and care.


Cesar García Morales and his sons: César García García, Omar García García and Francisco Plana Reyes are part of the 3rd generation of coffee growers after their grandparents. They grew up acquiring a passion for coffee and agriculture, working the land. Proud Mazatecos (Indigenous ethnicity), I was delighted to see so much dedication to their own culture, their dialect and their land, the pride of what they produce represents happiness for them, they are the land.

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