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Javier Montes d’Arce was born in Mexico City where he studied Film and Television. He currently resides in New York and often works in other cities doing personal and commissioned projects. He is co-founder of Trece Cielos, a production house where he works as a director, photographer, videographer and post producer of various advertising campaigns for national and international companies. He wrote and directed short film ¨Flamboyanes¨ that has been awarded internationally by the Independent Shorts Awards, New York Cinematography Awards, Indie Short Fest, Oaxaca Film Fest and Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, among others.


For four years, he worked in the Fulbright Hays Summer Abroad program (Texas-México-Colombia), documenting the programs and traveling to different cities with the purpose of sharing the history and culture of México. He lived in Baja California Sur where he had different photographic exhibitions and was part of the Organizing Committee of the Los Cabos International Film Festival, he has also been part of the jury of the New York City Teen Film Festival and La Paz International Film Festival .


Javier has taught photography and film classes at Champlain College in Burlington, USA and has given photographic consultancies at companies such as Décor NYC. He regards photography as a scientific act in the way a still image stops that relentless river of time allowing us to reflect on life and thus examine it from a kind of microscope. Hence his need to make use of film, photography or video to be able to generate that personal exchange that at the same time creates multiple meanings by placing a frame on the infinite.


In his work, Javier is interested in exploring the deep order in the universe that is independent of chaos, space and time. He also considers that the most beautiful thing about this exercise is not only the visual work but the interpretation of the world that remains in that memory marked by the heart.

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