Javier Montes d’Arce is a Mexican artist based in New York City where he’s currently studying Film at NYU, and often works in other cities on both personal and commissioned projects. He became hooked on photography from a young age, since then Javier considered it as a form of magic which deceives mortality for a second freezing the flow of life. At the same time, he considers it as a scientific act in the way in which a still image stops that implacable river of time, allowing us to reflect on life and thus examine it from a kind of microscope.


As the founder of independent production house Trece Cielos (named after the thirteen skies in ̈Mexica ̈ mythology), Javier has directed, shot and post-produced a variety of video advertising campaigns for many global brands. 


Javier has written and directed several short films, among them Flamboyanes, which was screened in different Festivals around the world. He also has participated at Film Festivals as a member of the jury. 


For four years, he worked with the Fulbright Hays Summer Abroad Program where he captured program highlights as well as the beauty, history and culture of México. While living in Baja California Sur in 2015, Javier dedicated himself to the art of photography. Focusing on the recurring themes of the sea, whales, and sacred geometric shapes found in the desert, his work has been featured in various photo exhibits. During that time, he also sat on the organizing committee for The Cabos International Film Festival. 


Hence his need to make use of cinema, photography or video in order to generate that personal exchange that at the same time creates multiple meanings by placing a frame on the infinite. Interested in transmitting his work with the intention of creating new meanings in those in which it resonates. Javier is attentive to what evolves photographically and that comes from that joy of seeing and understanding all the elements that come together in a fraction of a second, time and space to capture something that he finds interesting, is about to end or cease to exist.


For Javier the art of the image is an exercise in revealing the essence of the world around us by capturing a split-second of time and space to magically create a single snapshot. Either in film, video or photography, the greatest beauty of this exercise, he believes, is not only the final work but also the process it initiates, the memory of which remains and continues to bear fruit in the hearts of people.