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FLAMBOYANES, dir. Javier Montes d'Arce
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Mateo, an 83-year-old man lives in a town and has refused to speak. Immersed in his silence and isolated from the world he navigates between reality and fantasy, mixing stories stored in the memory of the heart with the person with whom he has shared his life.

Flambo Info

Rafael Montalvo, Tara Parra, Rosario Magallanes, Emilia González

Written and directed by: Javier Montes d'Arce

Produced by: Trece Cielos & Apix Films
Cinematographer: Francesca Vilchis
Music: Diego Betancourt
Visual Effects Supervisor: Fernando de Anda
VFX & Colorist: Hugo Payen
VFX: Carlos Guillen, Sum Pang, Ana López
Sound design: Pablo Betancourt
Editor: Javier Montes d’Arce
First assistant director: Diana Rojas
Technical support & helping hand: Carlos Hesselbart
Graphic design: Victor López, Rodrigo Pineda, María Eugenia Marcial, Carina Rodriguez
Executive producers: Javier Montes d’Arce, Mexico’s Wine Commission & RED Rentals.

Special thanks to:

Romina Vargas
David Liles

Julian Baños
Juan Pablo Ramírez
Erika Ávila
Brenda Montes
Marlen Rubio

Runtime: 7 min 44 sec

Country of filming: México